CEIS Portfolio Tips

CEIS Portfolio Tips
The CEIS Portfolio Process will be suspended effective September 30, 2018: Please refer questions to your Program Director.
Certification for Early Intervention Specialists is a lengthy and sometimes complicated process. Here are some reminders to keep the process moving along stress-free and in a timely manner.
CEIS applications must be completed by the end of 3 years of employment for those working 20 hours or more per week at one or more MDPH-certified EI program(s).  To submit on time, applicants should begin to gather materials, read the application manual, and take trainings far in advance of their due date.
Portfolios that do not adhere to the instructions outlined in the June 2016 manual will be automatically returned.  Applicants are urged to thoroughly read and follow all instructions before submittal of the portfolio. Returned portfolios will take longer to process and therefore it will take longer to become fully certified. When portfolios are returned, it is necessary that corrections are made and returned to the Certification Office by the due date given to the applicant. Portfolios will not be sent to Panel Review until they are in full compliance with the manual instructions.
Applicants are encouraged to have their supervisors periodically review their portfolio before submission. Applicants may contact the CEIS coordinator in the certification office to clarify instructions or to obtain a status of their portfolio: 617-624-5920.