Zika Updates

Zika Updates  

DPH Zika-related campaign messaging specifically targets 1) women who are pregnant or considering becoming preg-nant and are planning travel to Zika-affected areas and/or their male sexual partners; and 2) pregnant women from countries with active transmission who are staying temporarily in Massachusetts.

This campaign encourages all women and their partners in our target audiences to talk to their doctor before traveling to Zika-affected areas and to seek appropriate prenatal care after arrival/return from an area with active transmission.

Print materials have been developed by the State Lab and Communications Office. They include an 8.5″x 11″ flyer – one for women and another for men – and a wallet-size fold-out brochure. Each is available from the Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse in English, Spanish, (Brazilian) Portuguese, and Haitian Creole at massclearing-house.ehs.state.ma.us/.

The campaign is supported by radio spots in Spanish and Portuguese, plus online and Facebook advertising. All such messaging directs target audiences to the central Zika virus webpage (www.mass.gov/zika) and a single phone number staffed 24/7 for more information (617-983-6800).

DPH encourages you to continue to visit www.mass.gov/zika for the latest updates on Zika virus. Please share these materials with families enrolled in your programs.