EI Public Relations Materials

EI Public Relations Materials

The MA DPH has updated it PR materials to reflect the MA Mission & Key Principles. The new EI brochure and flyers for referral sources and community collaborators, provides consistent language and messaging of the MA EI system.

Hot off the press: New EI materials are available at the Clearinghouse and for download: www.eiplp.org/ei-materials/

To order these free materials: www.mass.gov/maclearinghouse
Although these materials are free, and because quantities are limited, you will need to create and register an account. Please only order what you feel you will use.

EI Brochure

available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

(limit of 400 per order)

Massachusetts EI System                     

Mission Statement, Core Values and Key Principles of EI

This sheet should be shared with referral sources and community partners to help them understand more about early intervention in Massachusetts

(limit of 40 per order)

Ask Us About Early Intervention

available in English & Spanish

This sheet should be used in waiting rooms or exam rooms of a referral source or community partner. This does not include contact information; this was intended to be used in conjunction with the MA EI System flyer.

(limit of 40 per order)