BDI – 2 Video Submission

BDI – 2 Video Submission
All EI programs are required to submit one video of the BDI-2 being administered to a child either referred to, or enrolled in, their Early Intervention program between July 1, 2016-December 31, 2016.  This requirement is part of the on-going implementation of the State Systemic Improvement plan (SSIP) to evaluate our Data Quality strand in our action plan. Each video will be reviewed by DPH staff using the Fidelity Checklist (version 2016) and written feedback will be given to each program. If programs are producing BDI-2 videos of other reasons (part of a technical assistance plan, etc.) during this time period, then that video may be used for this requirement. At this time, the BDI-2 must be administered in English for this requirement. We are investigating options for reviewing Spanish speaking videos, but do not have that resource at this time.
BDI-2 video submission instructions:
The purpose of this video is to provide feedback to the EI program in their administration of the evaluation tool (Battelle Developmental Inventory, 2nd edition). The video will focus on the examiner(s) and not the parent or child, however, it is likely, due to the nature of the activity, that the parent or child will be visible in the video. This video will be solely used for General Supervision to the EI program. This means it will be reviewed by appropriate staff at the Department of Public Health/Early Intervention and parts may be used to give feedback to the staff at your EI program. Once this process is completed, the video will be destroyed.
Instructions for videotaping for the fidelity checklist:
1. Review and Complete DPH-EITC Consent forms for ALL people who are captured on video.
  • Child/Family
  • EI providers
  • Other
Check off the box: ‘to create a video file or film and use it for General Supervision of the Early Intervention Program.’ Return all consent forms to DPH
2. Videotaping guidelines:
  • Video tape without stopping the camera throughout the administration
  • The interview is part of the video (or audio).
  • Focus the video on the examiner not on the child
  • Make sure that the Interviewer is close enough to the device that he/she is heard on the video.
3. Video and consent form submission instructions: 2 options
  • Submit via Interchange to Noah Feldman at this is a secure electronic process (that was used for annual report submission) (see attachment for instructions for use of Interchange) NOTE: programs have had difficulty using this method because of the size of the  file.
  • Submit directly to DPH staff:  save video on a memory stick and deliver directly to a DPH staff member. Please coordinate this process with Noah Feldman, or (617) 624-5532.
Fidelity Checklist 
Many programs have requested a copy of the fidelity checklist. The form itself has not been fully updated to reflect the ‘2016’ changes that are mentioned above, however, the main criteria will not be changing. Here are the headings that we will be looking at for each item:
Standardization Errors include:
Examiner or parent cued the child
Examiner did not use the correct verbal prompt
Examiner did not use the correct materials
Examiner allowed additional time or trials for the item
Examiner did not ask one or more of the interview questions
Based on the review of videos from the past 2 fiscal years, there may be some changes to the edits that have not been finalized. More information will be shared as it is available.
The fidelity checklist will be made available to programs once finalized. Please use these criteria as a guide.