Center-based Group Program for children diagnosed with ASD

New Center-based Group Program 
One year ago, the DPH was approached by the May Institute in Randolph to consider a center-based group to address social skills development for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and receiving services through Early Intervention. The concept behind this is to target those skills needed for transition and inclusion in pre-school settings once children have turned three years old. The program includes regular assessment of core skills and an activity based group curriculum that includes but is not limited to building skills as joint attention, following directions, responding to peers, cooperative play. This inclusive group, attended by peer models as well as children receiving Specialty Services, provides a one to one staff ratio for the child and complies with Early Intervention Operational Standards. The May Institute has spent the past year compiling the appropriate documentation identified in the EI Operational Standards regarding Health and Safety and Program Administration. The group plans to commence in July. DPH is in the process of developing an application for any other Specialty Service Providers that might be interested in providing a similar group. Look for more information coming in the next few months.