FY2016 Annual Report and Self-Assessment


FY2016 Annual Report and Self-Assessment
Timely Services – Which IFSPs to Enter (also sent as an email to EI
providers on 8/1/16)
There have been questions from providers regarding which IFSPs to enter and which ones NOT to be entered into the Timely Services Report. The 10 children under this report were chosen because they were active before or on 7/1/2015 through at least 6/30/2016 (based on data received as of 7/10/2016). This means that they received a full year of EI services and should have at least one IFSP or IFSP Review completed during this timeframe. For clarification regarding which IFSPs to be entered into the Timely Services report we have presented some of the questions that DPH has received and the responses to these questions:
QUESTION: The instructions state that, “The children in this database may have IFSPs that occurred PRIOR to 7/1/15. Do NOT enter those IFSPs into the report. Only enter IFSPs that occurred between 7/1/15 and 6/30/16.” Should we enter an IFSP Review if it occurred between 7/1/2016 and 6/30/2016 for an IFSP that was initiated prior to 7/1/2015?
DPH RESPONSE: Yes. For example, a child has an initial IFSP that was signed on 6/5/2015, an IFSP review signed on 12/1/2016 and a subsequent IFSP signed on 6/10/2016. The 12/1/2016 and the 6/10/2016 IFSPs should be entered. The 6/5/2015 IFSP should NOT be entered.
QUESTION: In the period of time for FY16, a 6 month IFSP review was done with no changes. The re-evaluation was delayed due to the parent canceling it and did not occur until July 2016. So the only information to be entered into the Timely Services report is the IFSP review…Is this correct? You do not want any other reviews or subsequent IFSPs.
DPH RESPONSE: Yes, that is correct. The one IFSP Review is all that we are requesting.
QUESTION: I have a child on this report whose last IFSP was signed on 4/1/15 which is before the time frame that we are looking for in this report (IFSP between 7/1/15 and 6/30/16).  The service coordinator was not able to contact the family to complete the annual assessment until 7/6/16 and the child turned three on 7/9/16. I don’t have an IFSP to enter in this time period and am wondering why this child was selected and how I should proceed.
DPH RESPONSE: The child was selected because they received a full year of services. The child should at least have had an IFSP review during this time period. If that is the only IFSP that occurred for this child then just enter the IFSP review information.
The deadline for EI providers to send their completed Annual Reports to their Regional Specialists is Friday, September 9, 2016. Please contact Michelle Conlon at (781) 774-6604 or michelle.e.conlon@state.ma.us with any further questions regarding the Timely Services report.