How do the new EI Training Center initiatives support the EI Certification (CEIS) Process?

The CEIS Portfolio Process will be suspended effective September 30, 2018: Please refer questions to your Program Director.
How do the new EI Training Center initiatives support the EI Certification (CEIS) Process?
Early Intervention Training Center (EITC) Staff have nearly completed presentations at all EI program sites on “Embedding Key Principles into the IFSP Process.” The session is an overview intended to lay a theoretical foundation for providers as they engage with families in the IFSP process. It is being implemented as one of the initial components of the Massachusetts State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP). The curriculum will be provided in an ongoing way beginning this fall and will be offered regionally for newly hired staff. It will take the place of the first day of the previously offered “Building A Community (BAC)” orientation. Additional professional development related to implementation of an evidence based practice will be provided in “Parents Interacting with Infants and Toddlers (PIWI).” Training for Cohort 1 on PIWI will begin in July. Training for Cohorts 2 and 3 will run through December of 2017. After that, PIWI will become the 2nd day of the previously offered BAC.

Staff members completing both “Embedding the Key Principles” and “PIWI” will receive the following competencies. The certificate issued after the “Embedding Key Principles” training will indicate that additional PIWI training is necessary for awarding of 1.7, 1.8, and 3.6. Please see the attached “CEIS Competencies Assigned to Workshops” document for more information.

1.7 EI Specialists will identify how children learn through play within and across developmental domains, based on individual learning styles and temperament.

1.8 EI Specialists will identify how children learn through relationships, and demonstrate knowledge of a relationship-based approach to interventions and outcomes.

3.6 EI Specialists will demonstrate an understanding of family dynamics, and the impact on a family of having a child with a developmental delay or disability.

4.1 EI Specialists will demonstrate knowledge of federal and state components and requirements throughout the IFSP process, including procedural safeguards (History of MA Early Intervention Online also required for assignment of 4.1)
7.1 EI Specialists will demonstrate an understanding of roles, functions, and dynamics of teams within Early Intervention.

Because the initial implementation of PIWI will be completed over an 18 month period, there will be staff who have completed “Embedding Key Principles,” but are waiting for their final Certificate of Completion to be issued until after their completion of PIWI. Those staff may submit their portfolios to the EITC without the PIWI Training Certificate of Completion if all other components of the portfolio are complete. The EITC will complete the review process without this component pending the receipt of the “PIWI Certificate.” Applicants must submit their certificate of completion to the EITC as soon as they have completed the PIWI training. Applicants should not hold their portfolios back pending that one piece of documentation.
Frequently Asked Questions:

I completed BAC Part I, but now there are no more BAC Part II offerings. How do I get my certificate of completion?
Staff who completed Building A Community Parts I and II prior to January of 2016, can use competencies awarded for that offering to document formal knowledge in the CEIS portfolio. Staff who completed Building A Community Part I, but did not participate in Building A Community Part II, will need to complete both Embedding Key Principles into the IFSP Process and the PIWI in order to document competencies for the CEIs portfolio.

What about the online trainings formally considered “pre-requisites” for BAC?
The EITC online trainings are still available and will continue to award competencies that will support CEIS. EI Staff are strongly encouraged to complete all the offerings that were previously pre-requisites.

Will any of the online offerings be required prior to completion of the PIWI?
Early Intervention Training Center staff is reviewing all EI Training Center offerings to determine their alignment with new initiatives. When the PIWI training schedule and announcement is made to programs detailed information about any pre-requisites will be made available.