PIWI Implementation Plan

PIWI Implementation Plan
The first cohort for PIWI training has received this information and those programs are signing up for their trainings. The OPTIONAL training opportunities listed here are open for all Program Directors.
Optional Training Opportunities:
There will be 4 regional PIWI trainings that will be available to Program Directors from any program, and program designated PIWI Champions, from Cohort 1. This training will be the SAME content as will be offered in the Program Training, however, it is an opportunity for Program Directors and/or PIWI Champions to hear the content prior to their Program Training, to prepare for implementation. Those who attend these trainings will also be expected to attend their Program Trainings. Program Directors and PIWI Champions from Cohort 1 may attend any of the following trainings:
Dates: ALL trainings will be 9:30am – 4pm
8/10/16 Western Regional Health Office, Northampton MA
8/25/16 Northeast Regional Health Office, Tewksbury Hospital, Tewksbury MA
9/15/16 Criterion Valley EIP, Milford MA
10/6/16 Wellesley Library, Wellesley MA
Below, you will find information that has been shared with Cohort 1 about the PIWI implementation and the expectations for programs and staff. For those programs NOT in Cohort 1, this is just for your information moving forward. We will share it again prior to the implementation with your cohort.
PIWI Program Training: Cohort 1 (sign up dates August-December 2016)
Who needs to attend:
REQUIRED: EI Specialists working 20+ hours and those working less than 20 hours who serve in the role as service coordinator.
RECOMMENDED: All EI Specialists working at the program.
Prerequisites: Overview of the Pyramid Model Framework: On-line module (www.eitrainingcenter.org)
Logistics: PIWI facilitators (2) will train at a location designated by the EI program for their staff. Programs will need to provide:
  •  Training space for their staff
  •  Equipment for presentation:
¨ Laptop
¨ Projector/Screen
¨ Speakers
Programs who do not have access to this equipment must contact Noah Feldman (noah.feldman@state.ma.us) at the EI Training Center at least 2 weeks prior to their training date to arrange to borrow the equipment.
PIWI Coaching (initiated at the program Post Program Training and running through July 2017) 
One of the Training Facilitators from the Program Training will serve as your PIWI Coach. The PIWI Coach will meet with the Program PIWI Champions (see below for more detail) to determine an Action Plan [Template provided by DPH] for supporting the use of Triadic Strategies in home visiting for the staff at the program. The PIWI Coach will schedule between 3-6 coaching sessions (90-120 minutes each) with the PIWI Champions to support their ability to coach program staff in using triadic strategies in home visits. PIWI coach activities will include:
  • Facilitating discussions with the PIWI Champions on the strengths and challenges within the program with regard to implementing the PIWI
  • Determining an action plan with the PIWI Champions to address the challenges [Template will be provided by DPH]
PIWI coach activities MAY include:
  • Training and activities to support building confidence and competence in the PIWI Champions in supporting the triadic strategies
  • One-on-one sessions with the PIWI Champions to support their individual challenges in coaching their program team
PIWI Champions
Role: The PIWI Champions are designated by the EI Program Director to support the implementation at the EI program. Each EI program is responsible for identifying the number of PIWI champions that can support the implementation of the PIWI program wide. PIWI Champions will be responsible for:
  • Participating in the PIWI coaching sessions (see above for more detail)
  • Support program staff in implementing the PIWI through the use of triadic strategies during home visits by following the Action Plan developed with the PIWI Coach.
  • Document coaching or other supporting activities with staff [Form will be provided by DPH]
  • Champions must observe in person or review video of staff during home visits and collect data on the number of times they are using triadic strategies: Each program will complete this data collection on at least 2 staff members. 2-3 observations with the same family, observations would be 1 month apart from one another. [Form will be provided by DPH]
Staff Responsibilities
All program staff who attend the PIWI training will be required to use the strategies discussed in their home visits with a parent or caregiver.
PIWI Evaluation
1. PIWI Champions will submit their data collection on the use of triadic strategies (see above for detail). [Form provided by DPH]
2. Two volunteer staff from each program to video 3 home visits all with the same family, each 1 month apart. (These videos can also be used by the PIWI champion for their data collection). These videos will be coded for quality characteristics and feedback.
3. PIWI Champions will submit their training and support activities (see above for detail) [Form provided by DPH]
4. Staff will complete on-line self-assessments (on-line)
NOTE: This is the data collection plan for the first year of implementation. We will be evaluating the effectiveness of this data collection plan and determining the on-going methodology after we complete the implementation plan with the 1st cohort.