Data Manager Updates

Data Manager Updates

Do Not Handle: EIIS Machine

Oftentimes IT support staff at your program will do updates to all computers within your agency or program to keep up with security, virus and browser updates. Although their intent is good they do not always know what is best for the computer that houses your EIIS Client data system. PLEASE do NOT allow them to do any updates (virus updates are okay) on this computer prior to discussing this with DPH. DPH will be able to identify if there will be an adverse impact on your EIIS system and its transmission functionality. Please let your IT staff know that EIIS is only supported on a Windows 7 operating system with Office 2010 on a 32-bit PC. You should contact Linda Mosesso at (617) 624-5521 or with any questions regarding changes to the EIIS computer at your program. Thank you.


Linda’s Rule of Thumb

If you have ever talked to Linda Mosesso, the EIIS and TSS Help Desk Support person, then you know Linda’s Rule of Thumb: Enter data today, transmit tonight. This ensures that DPH has the most up-to-date data from your EI program. This is especially important for programs whose EIIS machines are not backed-up by program or agency staff. About every six months or so one EI program has a major issue with the computer that houses either the EIIS Client or TSS application. Some examples include a computer hard drive crash, a stolen machine, a lightning strike, and a fire (yes, all of these have happened).  Once your data is lost DPH is able to create a new database for you based on your most recent transmission. If that transmission is one month old and you have no back-ups at your program then it will result in a lot of work on your part to identify and re-enter one month’s worth of forms. New staff, especially, need to be aware of the reason for and importance of daily data transmission to DPH.


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