Early Intervention Certification Manual

The CEIS Portfolio Process will be suspended effective September 30, 2018: Please refer questions to your Program Director.

Early Intervention Certification Manual: How can I get it?

There are now two ways that EI staff can obtain the Certification (CEIS) manual for the portfolio process. 
We encourage staff to use the PDF version of the manual with fillable forms that is available on the EI Training Center website at www.eitrainingcenter.org. Staff are able to fill in the forms and save them on their local system.
For staff that prefer using a paper manual, the “Certification for Early Intervention Specialists” manual is also available to order via the Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearing House.
Staff may order a manual by visiting the following link: massclearinghouse.ehs.state.ma.us/EARLYI/EI4600.html
Hard copies may be ordered for shipment to programs and/or Word files may be downloaded. 
Supplies of the manual are limited. Staff currently preparing their CEIS applications, who already have a manual, should NOT order a new one but simply continue to use the one they have.