EI Catchment Areas and Summer Services

Policy to Practice: EI Catchment Areas and Summer Services

As summer family vacation approach, we’d like to take the opportunity to review the EI Standards related to catchment areas. EI programs are responsible for providing services to infants and toddlers whose primary residence is within the catchment area.

“Families of eligible children who volitionally maintain a temporary residence (not subject to the definition of a homeless child and youth under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Act) outside of the catchment area may inquire about accessing services from the Early Intervention program that serves the city or town of the family’s temporary domicile. The Early Intervention program (which is not the Early Intervention program that services the child’s primary residence) may, at its discretion, honor or deny the family’s request. The Early Intervention program may provide information regarding community resources to the family “ EIOS Section IV. C.

An out-of-catchment program may agree, but is not required to provide IFSP services to a child who is maintaining a vacation residence.

And a bit of a different twist: An EI program was recently contacted by a service coordinator from another state inquiring if the MA EI program would provide EI services to a family who was going to be vacationing in MA for the summer.

This decision would be similar to an EI program subcontracting with an LEA to provide summer services to a child who has turned three. Neither child would be eligible for EI services (for the child who has turned 3 because of age; for the child who spending the summer in MA, he/she is not a MA resident).

  • The MA EI program could establish a contract with the out-of-state EI program
  • The MA EI program would NOT determine eligibility, enter any information into EIIS or submit billing through the DPH system.
  • The MA EI program might also consider consulting their vendor agency about any additional consideration related to staff/program/agency liability.