Exit Evaluation Guidance

Exit Evaluation Guidance

The Department of Public Health reports federal child outcomes data for the State Performance Plan (SPP) and Annual Performance Report (APR) on children who receive six months or more of early intervention services. This is accomplished through a comparison in the percentage of improvement in functionality between entry and final evaluations utilizing the BDI-2.

Evaluation in the MA EI system refers to the activity carried out by a multidisciplinary team of certified Early Intervention Specialists to determine an infant or toddler’s initial or continuing eligibility for early intervention services. Assessment refers to the ongoing procedures used by appropriately qualified personnel throughout the period of a child’s eligibility for services to identify strengths, needs, and services to meet those needs.

The current guidance to programs related to exit evaluations/assessment is provided in the BDI-2 FAQ dated December of 2010. Children eligible for early intervention based on a non-asterisked established condition require an exit evaluation/assessment as close to discharge as possible (guidance – within 3 months) for child outcomes reporting. The exit assessment used for the purpose of child outcomes reporting does not need to be completed by a multidisciplinary team because it is not determining eligibility. The parent should be informed of the intent of the assessment and provide written notice and obtain consent for assessment.

Exit Evaluation Guidance (continued): If a parent declines the exit evaluation/assessment they have the right to not provide consent. Because the exit evaluation/assessment is not for the purpose of eligibility determination, parents should be informed that the information is being used for child outcome reporting, as well as for overall transition planning out of the EI program, and the administration does not need to be completed by a multi-disciplinary team. An EI program may use BDI-2 scores from other sources for exit assessment data, such as the results of a recent evaluation from the LEA if the BDI-2 was utilized. Exit data must include raw scores and Developmental Quotients for all subdomains appropriate for the child’s age.

If the child has had one or more BDI-2 evaluations recorded in EIIS, then programs do not need to re-enter this on the EIIS discharge form. If the BDI-2 scores have already been entered into EIIS previously then the EIIS discharge form must match exactly or a data error will occur. It is recommended to leave this blank when a parent declines an exit evaluation. If a program completes routine annual assessments for children with established conditions and the program is willing to enter this information into EIIS then this is preferred.


Please feel free to contact your Regional Specialist if you need further clarification.