General Supervision

Massachusetts EI Monitoring System

In order to ensure the quality of services provided to children and families enrolled in Massachusetts Early Intervention, the Department of Public Health designed its General Supervision system to promote core values and to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements through training, technical assistance, and monitoring. This concept of general supervision is the primary method for federal and state monitoring of the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

General Supervision focuses on identifying commendable practices, suggesting improvements to enhance quality of services and identifying and enforcing corrective actions in areas of non-compliance.

General Supervision system in Massachusetts includes the following activities:

  • Onsite Monitoring
  • EI Program’s Annual Report
  • Data Verification
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Local Program Determinations


What is Comprehensive Monitoring?

A Process that uses a wide array of expertise in DPH Staff, to provide technical assistance and support, and identify areas of commendable practices in administration of programs and service provision within programs.

Why are we getting an onsite visit?

Vendor agencies will be chosen based on criteria set by DPH staff.   As part of the Massachusetts DPH Monitoring system all agencies and programs will be receiving a comprehensive monitoring visit during a five year cycle.

 What might it look like?  

Once an agency is selected the program and agency must complete a self-assessment.  DPH uses internal data sources along with all of the data and information submitted to design a site visit specific to each individual program.  A DPH team including staff and family members with a variety of areas of expertise completes a multiple day site visit at the program.  Data gathered onsite may include: record reviews, staff and family interviews in person, by phone or by survey, interviews with administration including vendor staff, billing reviews and policy reviews.  Additionally, observations of activities may be requested as part of an onsite visit.

 Do we get any feedback / results?

Agencies and programs will be given verbal and written information regarding data findings, strengths of the agency as well as concerns that may have arisen.   An exit meeting is done with the program administration upon completion of the data analysis.  A written report of the finding presented at the exit is then sent to the program and agency. If needed, agencies and programs may receive a Corrective Action Plan, as a result of specific findings during a comprehensive monitoring visit if any non-compliance or a Quality Improvement Plan there is a need for additional training or technical assistance.

 What happens after?  Themes identified during comprehensive monitoring visits are valuable information for DPH to better understand what is happening in practice at both the agency and the program level.  Area of commendable practices help DPH to provide support to other agency and programs   Information gained about challenges and needs can be used to create training and TA for individual EI programs or the entire EI system.