ICC Retreat

Resources from the ICC Retreat 2017
ICC Retreat Agenda 9/14/2017

ICC Retreat Strategic Planning powerpoint

Supporting Children by Improving Family Outcomes Video

Resources from the ICC Retreat 2016

ICC Retreat 2016 Agenda

ICC Accomplishments 2015-2016 Video

Fireside Chat                     Values of EI Wordle

fireside-chat        Values of EI wordle

Resource Commissioner Monica Bharel mentioned with 3 minute videos



Dr Marybeth Bruder’s Presentation: Early Childhood Intervention: Core Values, Shared Vision, and Collective Accountability in a Changing Landscape

Download (PDF, 12.07MB)



Resources from the ICC Retreat 2015

MA ICC Retreat 09-16-15 powerpoint


Understanding Procedural Safeguards:

Examples of Explanations and Implications for Families



Division of Early Childhood Recommended Practices 


DaSy Center

DaSy Center: The Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems