Provisional Certification Guidance

Provisional Certification Guidance

The CEIS Portfolio Process will be suspended effective September 30, 2018: Please refer questions to your Program Director.

Effective September 1, 2015 all Provisional Certification Tracking forms, for all newly hired general EI and Specialty staff working in the MA EI system, should be sent to the attention of Susan Breen. Susan will continue to process the provisional certification tracking forms for general EI and will forward specialty provider provisional certification tracking forms to the appropriate DPH staff person for processing.

Processing time for Provisional Certification Tracking forms may take up to two weeks from the time the tracking form and all required documentation is received by DPH in a readable format. EI staff members may not provide direct service or bill for any EI service until provisional certification has been granted by the Department.

Provisional Certification allows DPH to ensure:

  1. That all EI services for children and families are provided by qualified and credentialed personnel.
  2. That all services submitted for reimbursement to payers, commercial insurers, and MassHealth are provided by fully credentialed individuals who meet the Early Intervention Operational Standards for personnel.


As of 9/1/2015 all EI provisional certification tracking forms will be dated on the day they are approved in writing by the Department. Staff hired prior to the provisional certification approval date should not submit billing for services provided prior to that date. When submitting tracking forms make sure that you submit the fully completed form and proper documentation allowing the department adequate time (up to 2 weeks) to review the information and approve the provisional certification.

Attached is the technical assistance and guidance document that the Department has shared in the past, along with the revised Provisional Tracking Form implemented on March 2, 2015. Please review the guidance again to ensure that tracking forms are processed in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Specialist. The process for obtaining provisional certification for specialty providers has not changed. Tracking forms should continue to be sent to the attention of Michelle Conlon at

Provisional Certification TA to field:

  • Refer to wording in the EI Operational Standards for credentialing requirements for all disciplines.
  • Only send required documentation as noted on the tracking form – you may not need to send transcripts, résumé.
  • Do not send Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (formerly Department of Education)) certification.
  • If sending professional license, be sure it is a Massachusetts license, is current and is as listed in the EI Operational Standards.

Transcripts do not have to be official but MUST:

  • Be legible.
  • Contain name of institution AND name of candidate (do not hand-write these in).
  • Contain date and degree conferred.
  • Contain at least 4 three-credit (or higher) courses that focus on infants, toddlers and families.
  • If the candidate graduated from outside the 50 United States, you must submit an equivalency per a service such as SpanTran Evaluation Services –
  • When interviewing for Developmental Specialist and Psychology disciplines (unless LMHC or LMFT), request ALL transcripts, including Associates degrees.
  • The experience grid is now required for all potential Developmental Specialists.

Tracking Form:

  • Must be submitted for all new staff and for returning staff, regardless of certification status.
  • Please use care when completing tracking form – Double check spelling of candidate’s full name. If incorrect, we may not be able to locate her/him in personnel data base later. If candidate is licensed, the spelling of the name on the tracking form should be the same on as on the license.
  • Complete the tracking form in Word and attach to email.
  • If candidate has full CEIS or Provisional Certification w/Advance Standing, remember to submit a copy of the certificate. If box A or B is checked and documentation is not submitted, you will be contacted by DPH to clarify, thereby slowing down the process.
  • If a Speech/Language candidate is completing a Clinical Fellowship, submit a completed Supervised Professional Practice Plan.
  • Please complete Section C of the tracking form accurately. If a candidate’s résumé indicates prior employment in a MA EIP, they should have already received provisional certification. Department of Public Health does not want them entered numerous times into the data base. Please indicate if they might have entered the EI system under a different name, such as a maiden name.
  • It’s important to note if the candidate is also currently working in other EIPs and, if so, what are the total hours worked per week.   Personnel working a total of 20 hours or more per week will have three years from their date of hire to apply for full certification.

If the candidate is potentially a Developmental Specialist, category d, be aware of where your program stands regarding the 6% limit on this discipline. Once it has been determined by DPH that the candidate meets the credentialing requirements of a Developmental Specialist – category d, if your program is currently at capacity for this discipline, you will be asked to submit a waiver request to exceed the 6% limit from your Regional Specialist. The waiver request should be sent via email to your Regional Specialist and copied to Patti Fougere and Susan Breen. If the request is approved, the candidate’s paperwork will be processed.

Submitting Tracking Form and documentation:

  • Whenever possible, scan all necessary documentation (transcripts, résumé, license) and attach to email along with the tracking form. Do NOT scan the tracking form.
  • Put candidate’s name in the subject line of the email.
  • If leaving a voice mail, please mention the candidate by name.
  • If faxing documentation, use a cover sheet and indicate how many pages, including the cover sheet, are being transmitted. Having your name and phone number on the cover sheet is helpful. Be sure your fax machine meets the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) requirements. According to the FCC rules governing the use of facsimile equipment in the United States, the following sender information must be printed on every facsimile transmission:
  • Your fax number
  • Your personal name or company’s name
  • Time and date of transmission.

Reminder: Processing time may take up to two weeks from the time the tracking form and all required documentation is received by DPH in readable format. EI staff members may not provide direct service or bill for any EI service until provisional certification is approved.