WIP Group

WIP Group: New Web-based Data System Stakeholder Group
We are re-convening the “WIP” (Web-system In Progress) stakeholder group on Wednesday September 28th at 10-11:30 am at Criterion Valley EIP, 375 Fortune Boulevard Milford, MA.

The WIP members have been actively learning about the planned system’s functionality and providing the state with valuable insights and recommendations. One of the most critical issues and concerns identified through these discussions is the impact of the federal Electronic Health Record (EHR) mandate to identify ways to link the new EI system with current and future EHRs.

We will meet as a large group to review the status of the system planning. Following this meeting we will begin the next phase of WIP meetings. These will consist of more break-out sessions for specific areas (e.g., clinical, fiscal, technical) so that members have an appropriate forum to discuss topical issues and to hear all perspectives.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to appropriate people in your agency. Please contact Noah Feldman, Director of Program Planning and Professional Development for Early Intervention, at noah.feldman@state.ma.us or (617) 624-5532.