Transportation FAQ – May 2015

EI Monthly Webinar – Transportation FAQ – May 2015

When will MassHealth be issuing the bulletin? Providers have not received it yet.

HST Transportation and the Department will notify EI programs as soon as the All Provider Bulletin is released to remind providers that transportation to Early Intervention services will need to be requested. As a MassHealth provider, EI programs will receive the All Provider Bulletins.

Has anyone discussed with MassHealth that requiring the PT-1 and the process in which to have it signed by an authorized clinician represents an increase in health access disparities for MassHealth members? Members who need to utilize this transportation system will not be able to access EI services as quickly as in the past.

HST Transportation has discussed this issue with the DPH, and as noted in the previous webinar this will not delay a child and/or family’s access to IFSP services. The Department will continue to pay for transportation services to ensure IFSP services are being provided in a timely manner.

Have there been any further developments related to the online communication process with MassHealth to notify EI once the PT-1 has been approved?

MassHealth is trying to figure out the best way to communicate with the EI program that the PT-1 has been approved. There have been some discussions regarding mail or some way of emailing through secure mail.

Do we need to do PT-1 forms for children who have Mass Health as a secondary insurance?

Yes, if the child has any of the MassHealth product that provides transportation as a benefit would need to complete the PT-1 form.

Is it likely doctors’ offices may not sign off on these because we are asking them to sign off 5 days a week?

 There should not be a problem will listing the service for 5 days/week in the event of group schedule changes, etc. However, programs can put less than 5 days per week for the frequency.

Once the PT-1 form is filled out can it be faxed to the primary care physician?

Yes, the form may be faxed. Programs should try and set up a protocol with pediatricians regarding the best way to send the completed forms to expedite the process.

Can we list both of our sites on one PT1 form or do we need to do 2 separate forms for each location?

The program should complete a separate PT-1 form for each site.

Can you clarify whether or not a nurse practitioner is an authorized provider to sign the PT-1 forms?

 A nurse practitioner can sign off on the PT-1 form but the individual must have their own MassHealth provider number.

 How do the EI programs know if the pediatrician has filled out and filed the PT-1 form?

MassHealth is working on a plan to inform local EIPs that a PT-1 form has been completed.

What if the pediatrician refuses to complete the PT-1 form?

If the pediatrician refuses to complete the PT-1 form, the program should check with the family to determine if there is another medical provider following the child that is an approved prescriber to complete the PT-1 . If unable to obtain a signed PT-1 form – the Department will pay for transportation services.

Is it prudent to complete a PT1 for ALL MassHealth children as they come into in the program, even if we do not know if they will need to access transportation at that time (often services have not yet been determined this early, but may be best time to communicate with the PCP)?

If you think the child may need transportation at some point during EI enrollment it may be a good idea to complete to have it on file.

Where is the most current form available online. I just found one from 2009. Please provide that URL.

MassHealth is currently working on revising the current PT-1 form. The information will be shared with EI programs as soon as it is available.

Is it possible to get a copy of the communication that medical providers will receive?

HST Transportation office will forward you a copy of the notice to MassHealth providers as soon as it has been approved.