Parent Contact Updates

Parent Contact Updates

Each month the EIPLP sends out a brief update to current Parent Contacts as a way to share information, including resources and opportunities for them to participate in the MA EI System at a level beyond the scope of services on their child’s IFSP, and request feedback from parents currently receiving services. Here you will find an archive of those notices. Please note that some of the opportunities shown here were time sensitive and are no longer available.


January – EI on the Fly Podcast, Conference opportunity, Recruiting Parent Contacts

February – Federation (FCSN) Conference opportunity, MEIC Conference coming, EI on the Fly Podcast

March – MEIC Conference, Federation (FCSN) Conference, NCSEAM Family Survey


JanuarySurvey, Federation (FCSN) Conference, IFSP Parent Guide

February– FCSN Visions of Community, Parent Contact Facebook Page, Parent Contact Survey

March– MEIC Registration, NCSEAM Family Survey, Family TIES of Massachusetts

April– Registering MEIC Conference, EIPLP Resources @MEIC, Parent Contact Breakfast

May– EIPLP Social Media, MEIC Conference Logistics

June– ICC Meeting, MEIC Followup, Family Engagement Framework

July– Free Fun Fridays, Transition, Finding Your Footing

August Parent Contact Update Archive, July Parent Contact Survey Reminder, Finding Your Footing Update

September September Emergency Preparedness Month, Car Seat Safety, Informing During an Emergency, American Red Cross & American Heart Association offer Adult/Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Classes

OctoberNCSEAM Family Survey Month, Facebook Page for Parent Contacts, Opportunities to become involved, Parent Contact Update Archive

NovemberVisions of Community Conference Save the Date, State Family Engagement Framework, Council Empowerment Funds

December MEIC Conference Save the Date, EIPLP Wants to Hear from You!, Visions of Community Conference Sponsorship


JanuarySurvey, Facebook Group, Parent Contact Meet Up

FebruaryUpcoming Happenings, Parent Contact Survey, Opportunities to Get involved

March NCSEAM Family Survey, MEIC Registration, New Mission Statement

April MEIC Registration, MEIC Resources, Parent Contact Breakfast

May MEIC Photos & Facebook, MEIC Logistics, Photo Button

June MEIC Photos, Share Your Thoughts, Parent Opportunity

July Parent Facilitators Wanted, Social Media, Onsite Monitoring

August Parent Contacts on Facebook, Transition Resources, Survey

September Family Engagement Framework, EIPLP Website, Interagency Coordinating Council Opportunities

October NCSEAM Family Survey, Parent Contact Update, Joining Voices Conference

November MEIC Save the Date, Coffee & Conversation, Federation for Children with Special Needs Trainings

December IFSP Parent Guide, Family TIES of MA, Conferences


January Survey, Visions of Community Conference, Family Opportunities

February Visions of Community, Public Hearing, MEIC Conference

March MEIC Registration Packets, NCSEAM Family Survey, EIPLP on Social Media

April MEIC registration, Family Resources at the Conference, Parent Contact Breakfast

May MEIC tips

June MEIC Follow Up Survey, Parent Contacts on Facebook, Parent Perspective submissions wanted

July Transition resources , MEIC 2017 Photos, Opportunity to provide feedback

August Parent Contact Survey, 504 and IEP Plans, Procedural Rights and Safeguards

September ICC Retreat, Parent Perspective Article Template, Let’s Play App

October Parent Contact resources on website, Facebook Group for Parent Contacts, Council Empowerment Funds Program

November Meet other Parent Contacts, Federation for Children with Special Needs, Commonly Used Terms

December Document Review Update, Federation Conference, Networking Opportunities


December December-Website:, MEIC Save the Date, and Family TIES

NovemberNovember-Welcome New Parent Contacts, PC Update Archive, Facebook, Opportunities Throughout the Year

October – Joining Voices Conference,  October is Family Survey Month, PACs

SeptemberParent Contact Group, ICC Retreat, More PAC Info

AugustFamily Rights, Parent Advisory Councils, Eligibility Evaluations

JulyLast Call for MEIC Survey, Transition Resources, Parent Contact Raffle

JuneMEIC Survey, Parent Opportunities, Share Your EI Story

MayCountdown to MEIC Has Begun!

AprilThe Lowdown on MEIC

MarchMEIC Conference and Registration Packet, Sharing the EIPLP, NCSEAM Family Survey

FebruaryPublic Hearing, Visions of Community Conference, Opportunities

JanuaryMEIC Conference, Join us at the ICC, Transition Resources 


DecemberNew IFSP Feedback, Visions of Community 2016, Parent Perspective Newsletters

NovemberParent Contact Role, parent Contact Resource Binder, Get in Touch/Keep in Touch

OctoberNew EIPLP Website, NCSEAM Survey Month, Parent Articles

SeptemberParent Contact Check in, NCSEAM Family Survey, Onsite Monitoring Survey

AugustICC Retreat, Parent and Family Events, Transition Resources

JulyICC Parents, Parent Contacts, EIPLP Staff Spotlight- Media

JuneMEIC Survey, Essential Allies Training, ICC Parents

May–  EIPLP Team, EIPLP at MEIC, MEIC Photos

AprilMEIC Registration, Parent Contact Overview, Digital Story Opportunity

MarchMEIC Parent Contact Packets, Parent Perspective Articles, ICC At Large Parent

FebruaryEIPLP Staff Spotlight- Training, MEIC Survey, EIPLP Resources

JanuaryMEIC Save the Date, Public Hearing Notice, Transition Resources, Visions of Community


DecemberArchived Parent Perspective Newsletters, OSEP, Visions of Community

NovemberParent Participation Opportunities, Online trainings from the EITC, Contact Us

OctoberWelcome New Parent Contacts, Send us Your Articles, NCSEAM Family Survey

SeptemberOpportunities, NCSEAM Family Survey, Early Intervention Training Center Parent Presenters

AugustTransition Resources, Parent Perspective Special Edition

JulyGoals of the EIPLP, Find Us on Social Media, Early Intervention Training Center Opportunity

MayMEIC Information

AprilEIPLP History, MEIC, Request for Information