Parent Contact

Who Is a Parent Contact?

A Parent Contact is a family member who is currently receiving Early Intervention (EI) services for his/her child, who volunteers to receive information from the Early Intervention Parent Leadership Project (EIPLP) and share it with other families.

Why Become a Parent Contact?

Benefits of Family Involvement as a Parent Contact

Benefits for Families

  • Receive the Parent Perspective Newsletter
  • Learn about opportunities available for families
  • Actively learn about resources
  • Create connections through networking
  • Feel respected and valued
  • Opportunity to attend the Massachusetts EI Consortium Conference (MEIC) & Annual Parent Dinner

Benefits for the EI Program

  • Fulfill requirement of the EI Operational Standards
  • Enhance team-building opportunities
  • Increase awareness of issues important to families
  • Utilize parent energy and willingness to “give back” to make improvements
  • Access to a well-informed constituency that enhances collaboration
  • Gain valuable feedback from families

What are some things that a Parent Contact does?

  • Have regular communication with the director or designated staff person at their EI program as well the EIPLP
  • Receive and read the Parent Perspective newsletter, via email or in print
  • Share news from the EIPLP of upcoming opportunities for family involvement with EI program staff
  • Share news with the EIPLP about family involvement opportunities within and throughout their program
  • Attend the annual MEIC conference at no direct cost, to attend workshops and meet other Parent Contacts from around the state of Massachusetts
  • Become involved with other parents whose children are receiving EI services
  • Become involved in the EI system at a level above and beyond their child’s direct services

Family involvement in early intervention is supported on every level, from the home visit, to the EI program, to the state level all the way to the national level and everything in between. Parent Contacts can provide valuable insight to program administrators around the family experience in EI and work with other families to support engagement above and beyond individual services. For more information about this or other opportunities for involvement contact the


What is a Parent Contact?


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