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    • If your child has been enrolled in Early Intervention for at least six months and if you didn’t fill out a Family Survey in the last year (surveys are distributed in March and October each year), your Service Coordinator will give you one in the next cycle. Please fill it out and return it in the stamped, self-addressed envelope. Your feedback helps the Department of Public Health and your EI program improve services for your child and family and for other families as well.

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Supporting children by improving family outcomes Video

All programs that serve young children and their families can improve outcomes for children by making a difference for their families. This video describes the importance of supporting families, collecting data on family outcomes, and using the data to improve the program. Using the family data collected by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education’s Part C/Early Intervention Program as an example, this video highlights how three families who received early intervention benefited from support to their family. This video is a companion to the video Child Outcomes: Step-By-Step.