NCSEAM Family Survey Update

NCSEAM Family Survey Information

Dear Families,

Thank you for completing a Family Survey last year. In 2020, 3337 Surveys were received and analyzed. This number represents Surveys distributed early in March 2020.  Due to the State of Emergency, Survey distribution was suspended mid-March which meant that not all families who were eligible to complete a Survey received one.  There was also no Survey distribution in October 2020.

Information gathered through the Family Survey helps to evaluate how effective Early Intervention services are for families. Your feedback is very important and is used to report on Family Outcomes with the goal of continuously improving our Massachusetts Early Intervention system. The Department of Public Health appreciates how many of you completed and returned your Survey in 2020 despite the pandemic.

In 2020, we learned that:

  • 87.1% feel that Early Intervention services helps your family know your rights
  • 84.5% say that Early Intervention services helps your family effectively communicate your children’s needs
  • 93.9% feel that Early Intervention services helps your family help your children develop and learn

The NCSEAM Family Survey will be distributed online in March 2021. Families whose children have been enrolled in Early Intervention for at least six months and who did not fill out a Survey in the past year will receive a one-time use login code from your EI program. Look for yours and take a few minutes to complete your Survey online.  Survey respondents are anonymous.  As always your privacy and confidentially is assured.

Please continue to share your thoughts and feelings about the impact of Early Intervention services for your children and families.

DPH reports the percentages from returned Family Surveys – (listed above) to the Office of Special Education Programs in our Annual Performance Report. In addition, the Department looks for trends and emerging issues that families indicate on their Surveys. We work with EI Programs to improve practices and make changes as needed.