Transportation Update

Transportation Update

Effective July 1, 2015 all questions related to transportation and the PT-1 implementation should be directed to Sandra Mulcahy, Brokerage Operations Manager, at or 617-847-6559. Perry Fong, Ed Bailey and Gail Hill have taken advantage of the Early Retirement.

The Department will continue to share information regarding the communication flow to EIPs once the PT-1 form has been received by MassHealth and questions regarding the process. Please refer to the FAQ based on questions from the May webinar. The following are questions related to the July 1, 2015 implementation for new requests for EI transportation on MH eligible children:

  1. The current PT-1 form does not allow us to enter the frequency and duration of 36 months/5 days per week.

The current forms need to be printed so this information can be entered by hand. Unfortunately this is the only solution available at this time.

  1. If the EIP obtains the pediatrician’s signature on the PT-1 form, where do the local programs send the completed PT-1 at MassHealth?

EIPs may fax completed, signed PT-1 forms to MassHealth at fax 617-988-2925.

  1. Which MassHealth products have a transportation benefit?

Any child on Mass Health Standard, Care Plus or CommonHealth would be eligible for non emergency transportation as part of their benefit package.

For additional information regarding MassHealth eligibility categories and associated services, the provider regulations can be found at the following link –

Specifically, pages 1-6 through 1-16 describes the different MassHealth eligibility categories.

Please see the attached FAQ form the May webinar for responses to additional questions regarding the implementation process. Additional questions may be directed to your Regional Specialist. Thanks you for your patience in this process.


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